It is the beautiful part of Azerbaijan with a rich and ancient history. Sometime in the past this city was the capital of Caucasian Albania for 600 years. Up to this present time there are the ruins of the ancient city and the main gate of Caucasian Albania. There is Nij village inhabited by Udi, direct descendants of the ancient Caucasian Albanians as well.

There is a great variety of historical and cultural monuments of different eras in this region: the Albanian church of IV-VIII centuries in Amili village, tombs of Sheikh Badraddin and Sheikh Mansur of XV century in Hazra village, mosque of XIX century in Bum village and others.

In the north-western part of the city for the first time were discovered valuable findings in the form of the place of the small door in the fortress wall, a door key, a system of multilateral ceramic water supply, glazed bowl (kyasa) made in the XII century. All archaeological findings are stored in Gabala Regional History Museum.

The abundance of attractions, beautiful nature and well developed infrastructure attract thousands of tourists. Among the local attractions there are the so called Russian forest, river valleys, the famous Chestnut forest, and numerous picturesque villages.

Flora and fauna of the district are extraordinary rich: in the woods and mountain pastures can be found noble deer and mountain tours, wild boar, hare, bears, wolves, foxes and numerous birds – pheasant, grouse, francolin, etc. The abundance of game in the season attracts many hunters.

Beautiful nature and well developed infrastructure attract thousands of tourists to Gabala. Three 5 star complexes Gafgaz for accommodation of up to 1000 guests were opened near the city.

In Gabala at the area of 16 hectares is located the largest amusement park under the open sky in Azerbaijan – Gabaland. Visitors are provided with family, kids and extreme kinds of attractions, ice arena, carting, sports fields, XD theatre, convenient parking, great food in restaurants and cafes.

The town also hosts an annual International Music Festival of classical music, jazz and mugham, which is attended by bands and artists from all around the world. Not surprisingly that exactly in Gabala is located a factory on piano manufacturing under the famous Dutch brand Beltman.